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>>> the gospel truth. were mary and joseph turned away from an inn in bethlehem 2,000 years ago? and the miracle of the virgin birth. is that intended as the literal truth in matthew and luke? the gospels give us one description of the birth of jesus. do archaeology and history give us another? joining us to answer these questions areu.s. open, the aute brand new "jesus of nazareth cunning of the and jeffrey sheler author of the brand new "is the bible truth?" >>> tell us what you think happened at bethlehem, jeffrey she'ller. >> well when we read two gospels, only two of the four gospels even talk about the birth of jesus and when we read matthew and luke, those two gospels, we are certainly presented with different details surrounding the story of the birth but despite the differences there are several things that clearly come through and those are the important aspects of the story. one, that jesus was born in bethlehem. to a virgin named mary. whose husband, joseph, was of the lineage of david. and this according to the writers of those two gospels was in fulfillment of the
and the government's failings in the war in thoroanistan. ...n w well-known face for c-span viewers mary frances berry professor at the university of pennsylvania also of the author of several books. we're at the university of pennsylvania to talk to her about and justice for all. the united states commission on civil rights in the continuing struggle for freedom in america quote. when did this all rights commission begin? >> 1957. president eisenhower had a lot of discussion with john foster dulles the secretary of state because of the races around the world people would hear about and read about and the fact there seemed to be episodes whether lynching or discrimination in the country. eisenhower said he would ask congress to set up a civil-rights commission to put the facts on the table and i am told by someone at the meeting he slammed the table and they will put the facts on the table. policy is sometimes said up because there is a tough problem is that the report then they go away but in the future would depend on what it found out and how aggressive it was in the public thought about it.
$100,000 in credit card bills. >> it started small. >> author mary hunt with her cautionary tale and how to stay out of debt this christmas. and the little rockers spread some christmas cheers with a holiday hit. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. ♪ >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. i think this audience is getting better, i do. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. we've got a very special christmas show prepared for you tonight. and i hope that you not only enjoy it, but i hope you're blessed by it. now, you know, there's been so much hostility to people celebrating christmas this year with lawsuits filed over songs, christmas trees, and nativity scenes by those who say, they're really offended by christmas. i have to think that in some ways, this is a good thing. no, really, it's a good thing. open hostility to fate is far better than indifference. and people who are anything, but indifferent to christmas or what's around now, when i hear the angry and hostile rantings who w
not hesitate, not hochsprung, mary shirlak, vicki soto, lauren russo, rachel deveno and mary ann murphy. they responded in the way we hope we would respond in terrifying circumstances with courage and with love. giving their lives to protect the children in their care. >> as outrageous as the story of adam lanza's massacre is. it is not as the president said without heros. remembered tonight by the president by the thousands who blocked this night to downtown newtown connecticut. here is craig's report. >> through out sandy hook village residents have set up tables they are collecting donations for the families. these guys over here are going from car to car. tell me about what you are doing? >> we are just getting donations for everyone. all of the money is going directly to the families all of the victims. >> i went to sandy hook school. >> now a college student home for the holidays andrew and friends are collecting for survivors of the elementary school massacre. >> it is just terrible. i just can't believe it. >> scenes like this are echoed all over town. grief stricken residents s
reports this sunday december 23rd, 2012. i am maris falkner. we want to wish awe blessed and wonderful christmas from all of us here on fox report weekend. we are grateful for your viewer ship and friendships we are making with so many of you on facebook and twitter. thank you. >> my friend govern another huckabee who has on by the way a fabulous tie. check it out. lous christmas tie >> tonight on huckabee, a prisonor of war. >> all i could see is iraqi men bearing down on me. he was the first american pow to be arrested since world war ii. >> i was a survivor at that point. let me correct you. you were a hero because you were there. >> jessica lynch on the challenges he faced! i deal with it the best i can. he ran up over 100,000 in a credit card bill. >> it started with a cautionary tale and how to stay out of debt this christmas . the little rockers spread christmas with you. ♪ all you want for christmas is you. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. ♪ >> thank you. thank you very much . i think the audience is getting better. i do. we have a special christmas show prepa
sabado... los dejo con el pronostico extendido... usted ha escuchado de mary's center especialmente durante estas semanas que lo invitamos a donar un regalo para los niÑos que acuden a este centro de ayuda, es por eso que le invitamos a conocer mas de esta organizacion comunitaria ... hace 25 años abrió sus puertas, mary's center... un centro que ha sido guía y luz para miles de mujeres embarazadas en búsqueda de atenciones médicas, de ayuda... take sot1 hoy en día mary's center ofrece servicios amplios no solo a las madres sino también a sus hijos... take sot 2 para paloma mary's center es un lugar especial... take sot 3 madres como jenny y patricia están agradecidas por la ayuda y el respeto que se le brinda a la comunidad latina... take sot 4 take sot 5 billy padilla trajo a su hijo jeffrey y siente mucho agradecimiento por mary's center cada paciente tiene una historia diferente... take sot de allí surgió la idea de ayudar aún más a las familias latinas también en la navidad take sot hacemos una nueva pausa... pero antes el socio de los deportes con un adelanto d
to a virgin. joseph was a defender of king david. the virgin's name was mary. music oh mighty god! hear me! ♪ music from this day unto every generation, oh bless you, the mother of the savior. the son of god! he will reign forever. his kingdom will never end. his kingdom will never end. >> god will bless you! the child who is born will be holy! all behold a virgin child and jesus is the son. you will call his name! with god, it shall be done. with god, it shall be done. ♪ music god reigns blessings on you. ♪ music [applause] ♪ music [applause] >> in those days, a decree went out from caesar augustus that all of the world would be regularreregistered to pay tax. joe receipt went from nazareth to bethlehem because this was his family's home from the line of david. he took mary with him to be registered and she was close to delivering her child. >> wild they were there, the time came for mary's baby to be delivered and she brought forth her first born son. she wrapped him in clothes and laid him in the manger because there was no room for them in the inn. they were with the county
this photograph. on the other hand on the left is mary, who then became mary manbo. on the left is the photographer's wife, mary manbo. and then is bill and mary sun, really. also called bill, that he was called billy and the family. he came in 1940s if this is some 10 shots in 1943. is three years old touching his toy airplane. mary went to the frank wiggins school as well. she was studying to become a seamstress. she became a seamstress and it's costing design for theater come any among other jobs. and there was a third child, a boy. by 1941, cne who is not pictured in this photograph the jamaican later was at you see berkeley in the rotc program in 1941 and units as they say was in high school. madchen so had done some accounting work for japanese accounting school and as a consequence of doing that accounting work, been affiliated with the japanese school, he was arrested in march of 1942, several months after pearl harbor and he was moved to a federal justice department camp for enemy aliens and he was held there through may of 1942. when franklin roosevelt signed, he left
flair mary [ laughter ] >> stephanie: good morning, mary. >> good morning. >> stephanie: oh, dear. >> how are you mary. >> stephanie: are you depressed since the election? >> caller: no, because to me i believe that because obama with the illegals, you know, between 18 and 35 sure they could all hope, so -- >> illegals technically can't vote -- >> caller: where were the lines six or seven hours long. >> stephanie: obama won because you had all illegals voting? >> caller: well he comes out between 18 35 that would be like 100% of them right? why do you think voting lines were six seven hours long. >> stephanie: illegals can't vote. >> caller: really? really? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: that's funny, hitler -- >> stephanie: hitler did what? >> caller: i believe it was in florida -- >> stephanie: hitler was in florida? >> yeah, yeah, he registered for the democratic party. >> stephanie: i see someone registered say they were hitler. and that's why obama won -- >> caller: yeah, you know what he -- he would win anyway because it's -- whatever you talk what yo
and molly were looking to adopt a girl. i spoke to senator inhoffe and his daughter marie. i spoke to him about the stoir store. you worked for africa and worked for causes there . something special happened. your daughter molly who i have known many years and knew her before i knew you. she and her husband jimmy were thinking about adopt might be interested in adopting a child from africa. how did you react when you heard that news. >> i was excited about it you know that our i spent 15 or 20 years in africa and a mission thing up until 9/11 and we have brothers and sisters that we are close and intimate all the way through subsahara africa. this was my first experience and what is interesting i became so interested in the difficult time that we had in getting this job with our little marie, that we formed an acaucus and senator landreu and i learned from that . they asked me about it you are asking the wrong person. we had to do our own research. >> you had friends in ethiopia and they helped you get process started. what was it like to go through that. >> we had our brother in ethiopia
. to a virgin named mary. whose husband, joseph, was of the lineage of david. and this according to the writers of those two gospels was in fulfillment of the hebrew prophesies. so despite very clear and seemingly troubling contradictions in some of the details the more important thing is, i think, the points on which they disagree. >> on the physical -- on the physical details was it an inn or was it a two-story house? >> an inn or a two-story house. that's an interesting question. there certainly is a theory now that it was a two-story house. that the word that is oftentimes translated "inn" is a word that really should be translated "house" and that the couple were not turned away by a mean, old innkeeper but rather were let into the guest room of a typical two-story palestinian house. >> or was it the guest room was filled and they were told that they could rest with and sleep with the animals who were, where downstairs? >> the first story, the first floor is typically a place where the animals were kept. consequently, there would be a manger there. >> paula fredriksen, what did jeffrey she
it all down with george will, james carville and mary matalin. paul krugman of "new york times" and abc's own matthew dowd . >>> hello, again, just over three weeks away from that fiscal cliff, we gave off a week of press conferences, symbolic votes in senate, less than an hour of serious negotiating. what will it take to break the stalemate? we'll get into that this morning. with two big roundtables of elected officials. the lawmakers. senator tom coburn for the republicans and deb jie stabenow for the democrats. and congressman hen sarlg. he said that for there to be a big deal, tax rates on the wealthy are going to have to go up. >> again, as the speaker has said, unfortunately what we see out of the president my highway or the high wway. one dollar revenue for 2.5 of spending reductions. now, after the election, it's a little bit of bait and switch. now he's asking for $1.6 trillion. for every one dollar of tax increase there's about 20 cents of spending reduction. >> i'm talking about the rates. if the rates go up, can the republicans accept that? >> no rep wants to vote for a rate
>> next come and interview recorded at university of pennsylvania, mary frances berry shysters experiences on the united states commission on civil rights, set up by president eisenhower in the 1950s senate. this is about half an hour. >> host: on your screen now as a well-known face for c-span viewers. that is mary frances berry, professor university of pennsylvania and also the author of several books, where the university of pennsylvania to talk to her about this book, justice for all. united states commission on civil rights and continuing struggle for freedom in america. mary frances berry, when did the u.s. civil rights commission began and why? >> guest: well, the civil rights commission started in 1957. president eisenhower had a lot of discussions with john foster dulles, secretary of state about the way the united states is seen around the world because of the racism going on, that people would hear about and read about and the fact that there seemed to be a lot of episodes that kept happening, whether as lynching or some discrimination taking place in the country. so
think that puts the political onus to some extent back on the white house. >> mary, the white house have been republicans fighting among themselves over the no new taxes pledge and glover norquist, the activist in washington that name famously has republicans on record saying i won't vote for a tax increase. are they ending up negotiating with themselves that hurts their position, visa vis the president? >> certainly they are. i think the president is energized by the fact that he thinks, look, i ran a lousy economy for four years. i left unemployment high. i increased the size of the debt and the deficit. i got everything i wanted. the place is a mess. and look, i got re-elected. so, you know, what's so hard about me continuing to do that and blaming it on them because obviously i'm very good at that. and that's basically where he's going here. and the republicans, i think, are not very good poker players. first of all they signaled that they are kind of really reluctant to go over the cliff, and i think if you are in this kind ever a showdown you have to say, you know, bring it. come o
out to be false. we explained for our viewers a moment ago and hopefully you saw the mary ann an jacob. she was able to get the 18 fourth graders in a storage close yest pushed the file cab nes and he heard the banging on the door she didn't want to open up. shed for the badge to be slipped underneath the door because they were simply afraid as we all understand. one thingings that we are continuing to watch in newtown the media staging area. we heard from the state police an hour ago and we should be error hearing from the superintendent of the schools any time this hour. we are craving for more information and try to piece together exactly what happened. >> it is misterous what motivated the gunman 20 year old adam lanza forced his way in the school yesterday morning . this is a picture from 2005. he is said to have been a very smart kid, but one who didn't engage a lot with other students, described by some as a nerd and a goth and one who dressed in dark colors. so many questions about what led this young man to snap and go on the rampage. we'll take you back to newtown. peter dooc
viewers like you. thank you. tavis: what a pleasure it is to welcome mary wilson to this program. it has been 50 years since she and the other supremes came together. a new commemoratives publication is out. mary wilson, we will get to a but a little walk around -- down memory lane. love away,ow our baby ♪ o love ♪n the name ♪ before you break my heart, think it over ♪ way lifeions of the used to be ♪ ♪ in you i put all my faith and trust ♪ ♪ someday we'll be together ♪ go?by. where did our love you want me no more ♪ >> i love watching those. tavis: we were talking about they hear styles and the clothes. there was an exhibit that opens in january. >> at the african-american museum in philadelphia. tavis: are we going to see some of this on display? >> one of the evidence i was telling you was burned up in mexico city. -- of its i was telling you about was bird apply in mexico city. one was stolen. the ones i have been on exhibit. they have been on exhibit for eight years on the -- and the rock-and-roll hall of fame museum has carried them. they have been all around th
be a factor. a lot of big tight bodies out there now. maybe a good shot for a hail mary. >> al: you just mentioned the guys who will be two, three and four on your receiver depth chart behind calvin johnson. third and two. over the middle. taking it to the 35 yard line is bell. first down, you should actually try a field goal here. instead they're going to spike the ball at the 34 yard line. >> cris: i guess the problem was hanson was short on the one right at 50. and there will be about 52, 53 at this point. >> al: academic. talking about johnson chasing rice's mark. the yardage record. that's held since 1995. through 13 games johnson ahead of the pace set by rice. rice closed with a major flourish. second down and ten. and that pass is caught by a sliding johnson. and he's out of bounds at the 18 yard line. >> cris: i think you got to kick it here now. yep. and they're going to send it on. i agree with this one. because whatever time you have left at the end of the onside kick, you hope to take one big throw into the end zone and get the hail mary. but you have to have both. >> al: as
questions from officials. we were able to speak to one woman inside a few moments ago. her name, mary ann jacobs. she is a school library clerk. that is her husband after speaking to journalists. here is mary ann's story. she said yesterday morning when she was in with 18 fourth graders in the library, suddenly noise came over the intercom and she heard these rumblings and so she called the secretary and said did you leave your intercom on? and the secretary said there is a shooting. upon hearing that, mary ann left the library, yelled out into the halls and said we're on lockdown. return to the library and took her 18 fourth graders behind some stacks of books. they were trying to hide there because that was part of their plan until they realized they didn't have the coverage they needed and the doors were not locked. upon hearing that and learning that, mary ann and a few other adults in the room moved those 18 fourth graders into a storage closet, locked the door and pushed a file cabinet against it. they were lucky enough that they had cell phone reception in that storage room so they
the elementary school, just a few moments ago. her name, mary anne jacobs and she's a school library clerk and you're going to see her on the screen there and that's her husband she was hugging after speaking to journalists. mary anne's stories, yesterday she was with 18 fourth graders in the libraries and she heard a noise over the inters come, and rumblings and do you know if your intercom is on. and the secretary said there's a shooting. and she says that secretary is a hero today. and she went out into the halls, and said we're in lockdown and returned to the library and took her 18 fourth graders behind stacks of books and they were trying to hide and realized they didn't have the coverage they needed and doors were not locked. upon hearing that and learning that, mary anne and a few others in the room moved the 18 fourth graders into a storage closet. locked the door and pushed a file cabinet against it, they were lucky enough that they had some cell phone reception in that storage room, they were able to reach the outside and mary anne said they were also lucky because they had some
, that tax cut for those wealthier 2% to expire. there are a couple people who have come out with that. mary bono mack has said that doesn't sound too bad. what about you? >> yeah, no, i don't support that. and tom is a great political strategist and what he was saying is hey, look, we know there will be a revenue increase, if we can get that big deal, and so let's just go ahead and take it off the table, you know, let's take that leverage away from the president there, but the reality is as a republican who my very core principles are lower taxes, limited government, to just take a solo tax -- or vote on a tax increase with not having everything else there to kind of, you know, give us the sugar to make the medicine go down. that's just not going to fly. most of us aren't going to support that. but i could certainly understand tom's political strategy of trying to take it off the table, then the president may get serious about dealing with all of the other financial problems we have. >> i hope y'all can come to some consensus because you're costing me money as i sit here and everybody else
gran celebracion y tú eres parte de ella, mari, continuamos con más de esta celebracion. ♪. ♪. (aplausos) >>me encanta. es impresionante como chespirito sigue trascendiendo generaciones vamocon chiquibabys. >>como están. >>fantasticamente >>como se sienten de formar parte de este homenaje >>muy contentos, él forma parte de nuestra niñez, y estamos contentos de estar qui >>el que los hayan invitado, estar junto a artistas como pandora y otros, se siente bonito? >>muy bonito, estamos felices de haber sido invitados a celebrar el legado que nos deja chespirito >>es un legado muy especial, el sentarnos en familia, a disfrutar >>la familia. >>así es, honor a quien honor merece un grande. muchas gracias, chicos. >>un gusto. >>al volver, juan gab >>> las lluvias con exceo de velocidad y en oakland arrestan a 4 personas por cometer robos, detalles a las 11 nos vemos en un ratito y regresamos a este especial de lo que no se vio de américa celebra a chespirito >>vamos a ver qué impresión tienen los colombianos de chespirito >>esta chiquibaby con margari
wanted to exz press this. so this was a concept. i think about two and a half months ago and anne marie and brian and we were in my office talking about what we could do and what we could do to help and it went from that to this because of anne marie conroy so i want to give a big round of applause to anne marie. as everybody in the room knows she's a force of nature and that's all i have to say and to futures without violence and for this beautiful facility. we got support from the school district and various people and terrific from the mayor's office and of course the mayor and the bully project. we couldn't be more grateful. from the san francisco police department from greg sir to denise flair erty and cheryl jennings and the girl friday and kept us moving all day and to the communications that we got the word out through the media and laura who kept us moving today and financial support. if you read about the justice department in the paper you know we can't pay for anything. when people come to my office quite literally i can't give them coffee. people think the government
4 spoke with parishioners at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. >> it's times like tease that our faith becomes apparent. the important thing is not to lose hope. >> reporter: people with heavy hearts came to st. mary's cathedral for comfort and community. >> my heart is full of sorrow, and i'm here for my family to hug my children and be blessed. >> reporter: the church put up a memorial to the people that died in connecticut with white ribbons and a prayer for their souls. >> our hearts are all torn. >> how can anybody really hurt kids? >> the church has a book where you can write and register your prayers. there are a lot of words. >> we are going to now join cbs's special report. the president is about to speak in sandy hook. >> thank you, governor. to all of the families, first responders, to the community of newtown, clergy, guests. scripture tells us, do not lose heart. though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly we are being renewed day by day. for light and momentarily troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. so we fix our ey
to expulsion. >>> serious charges are now filed in that incident. mary is in the newsroom with the latest on what happened. >> reporter: a prisoner was being treated at st. joseph's medical center, when he allegedly went for an officer's weapon. 30-year-old brian dargon is now facing attempted second-degree murder charges. after the officer's gun went off, grazing her in the leg. she did not need medical treatment. are the officers quickly subdued dargon and no one else was injured. dargon is treated for an undisclosed reason and will be served with a warrant once he's released. >> thank you, mary. dargon was originally arrested for burglary. >>> city police reach a milestone, taking their 1,000th gun of the year off the streets. despite the accomplishment, the bloodshed conditions -- continues. wjz is live at city police headquarters. mike hellgren digs deeper into the challenges ahead. >> reporter: and we're talking about lives here, vic. city police said they will continue to focus on gun crimes and violent offenders. the mayor said it is no cause
with the principal and vice principal along with mary sherlock when they heard the loud pop, pop, pop, they went to check that out in the hallway. sherlock and the principal didn't return alive. just a very solemn outcome to that. sherlock was part of a team that was really relied upon there at sandy hook elementary. she was part of the school's crisis intervention team, ali. so even in a time like this when people are turning to those for comfort, she's no longer with us. ali? >> yeah, sad story. nick valencia at the cnn center in atlanta. thanks, nick. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. you're watching our special coverage of the connecticut school shooting. i'm in newtown, connecticut, about a block away from the school which is roughly behind me. a block away from the scene of the horrible massacre. here's what we know right now. in about an hour, officials are expected to start releasing the names of the victims. we've learned the names of two of the adults, the principal and a school counselor, but not the names of the children. now, that is expected to start happening at around 8
what the paper is saying when "cbs this morning" returns. yo >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> hi, everyone. good morning. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. >>> a fatal officer-involved shooting now under investigation. this morning in walnut creek police got a 911 call from an apartment on creekside way just after 3:00 a.m. they are not saying exactly what happened next. but a suspect was shot and killed by the police. no officers were injured. we'll have more details during the cbs eyewitness news coming up later at noontime. >>> a woman arrested after a fatal hit-and-run crash on twin peaks is due back in a san francisco courtroom on monday to enter a plea. the suspect's lawyer says she is studying to be a police officer. >>> got your traffic and weather for this thursday coming up right after the break. stay right there. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah
the speaker says must be part of any final deal. wall street journal columnist and dan henninger, and mary an anna-- anastasia o'grady and kim strassel. you've been talking it it sources and is the mood as hour as it sounds. >> it is by the end of this week and here is why, the republicans came out right after the election and said to the president, you want revenue here. you want revenue on the wealthy, we'll give it to you, limiting tax deductions for the wealthy. the president instead of taking that and running with tceiling a deal has been campaigning for tax hikes and to cap it off sent treasury secretary tim geithner to congress with this outrageous proposal as basically a compilation of everything that the president wanted in his budget and beyond what he even campaigned for. as a result i think most republicans wonder how serious he is about doing this. they feel things are going backward. >> paul: yeah, that, that's the way it sounds to me, too, i talked to some senior republicans this week and they're increasingly of the belief that maybe the president wants to back them into a c
, everybody. i'm mary but bal. -- mary bubala. kai is off today. the ravens fire cam cameron after offensive coordinator. just hours after the team loses its second game in a row. sports director mark viviano files this report from owings mills just a short time ago. >> reporter: it is unusual for an nfl team to make a change in its coaching staff in the midst of the season. even more unusual considering the ravens have just three games remaining, they are in first place and appear to be play-off bound. but coach harbaugh is clearly unsatisfied with his team's standing and unsatisfied with the offense. so harbaugh has announced he had cut ties with offensive coordinator cam cameron. cameron and his offense have long been the subject of scrutiny and criticism, routinely ranked in the middle and at times toward the bottom of the league. jim caldwell is elevated. he is the former head coach of indianapolis colts. this will be his first time serving as offensive coordinator. harbaugh released a statement today, saying the firing of cam cameron is the
of journalists, anna marie cox and karen tumblty, a political reporter for the "washington post." good sunday afternoon to both of you. >> anna marie, let me start with you. for about two days after the election, everyone is holding hands, singing kumbaya. no one is singing any more. all of that optimism seems to have disappeared. we're hearing more lawmakers saying publicly, we just heard from lindsay graham yesterday. i had a congressman from vermont on the show, he said the same thing that we could very well be jumping over this cliff. posturing or reality? >> well i think it's something of a reality. but this is case where the moniker of fiscal cliff i think is going to wind up hurting republicans. because it sounds so scary. even though there is not going to be any immediate fiery death, if things don't happen. and i think the president kind of looks better going into this, i think they know that they say in game of chicken, he who cares the least wins. and i think it's the white house who kind of just is going to let the republicans play this out. however they want. and there's also a c
writer for "the washington post" and an msnbc contributor. and ana marie cox is a columnist for "the guardian." john, one conservative columnist is up in arms over the president's role in the war on christmas saying the president has too much of the christmas spirit. andrew malcolm writing for investor's business daily has criticized the white house for being extravagant in its show of the season. he just can't win sometimes, can you? >> apparently not. i mean, could you imagine what would happen if, say, the white house had some scrawny christmas tree with a few colored lights, a couple of balls on it, and -- >> stop describing your own christmas tree. >> i am not describing my own christmas tree. anyway, imagine what they would say about how -- here is the secret muslim who hates christmas and hates christians and is defiling the white house. it's ridiculous. >> ana marie, we just saw a priest teaching the fox and friends weekend crew about the meaning of christmas. he says it's silly to spend so much energy getting upset at people during the festive season. if the clergy itself do
mother's body was found at the home they shared about 2 1/2 miles from here. that is where our mary snow is standing by this morning. mary, the area that you are in, big houses, it's a prosperous area, a quiet area. there aren't even street lights around you. the only lights you've got are the ones provided by our lights. this is not something that area's used to. what do we know now about the area and adam lanza? >> yeah, ali, we -- it's believed he did live with his mother and that house is behind me on this quiet road which is now closed off by police, and, of course, as you said, people are absolutely stunned by this. in terms of what we know about him, disturbed is one word a neighbor used to describe him. others described him as different, socially awkward, and quiet. but one woman who came by yesterday, she's a former school bus driver and he was on her route, she said, you know, he was a quiet kid but she never saw anything dangerous, you know, about him. and a number of people we talked to in this area, even though it is a very closed tight-knit community, it's physically very l
. is there a plan c or over the fiscal cliff. dan henninger, editorial board member. mary anastasia o'grady and jason riley. where do we stand right now with the collapse of plan b? >> well, it's no fun being john boehner right now. he's still in a tight spot and the concern that the republicans have is that obama's panel strength and as we go over the cliff and tax rates go up. but i really think the buck stops with the president here. when you go into the negotiating sessions, paul and you're expected to make concessions, but you're expect today get something in return and boehner made a major concession on rights and the president is giving him nothing in return to take that to his caucus and say, this is what happened in the horse trading. it's all or nothing, obama seems determined to humiliate the opposition. >> paul: boehner made two concessions, first 800 billion on the table in revenue and don't raise rates when the president said no he, you've got to raise rates. he said okay, a concession on rates, an offer first we'll vote for a million dollar tax increase on those making
at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. >> today seemed to be the kind of day when parents wanted to be very close to their children, especially at places of worship like here. here they played for the victims of newtown but also for the safety of their open -- own children. reporter: new at the cathedral, monsignor offered prayers for the victims of new tiewn and was joined by many parishioners. >> today is a day to pray, especially for all those people. that were massacred and for their families. reporter: even a special prayer written for the victims. he is the pastor of st. mary's and says people have come to mass not just to pray but to try to make some sense of the evil that occurred. >> and seeking to find constance nation the promise and hope of a god who feels with us and longs to help us. reporter: at glide memorial church, the church did what it does best, helped the congregation celebrate life while recovering from the sorrow of the tragedy. for rev reps cecil women's the church was filled to standing room only and says the response is incredible. >> never seen somethi
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